Attentive.    Accessible.    Compassionate.    Responsive.

Attentive.                Accessible.Compassionate.      Responsive.


Success takes work. That’s why we nurture every client relationship with compassion, discretion, and trustworthy advice.



Think “concierge” service combined with creative, cutting-edge strategic thinking.


Who We Serve

Our clients are individuals and small businesses with unique issues, challenges, and goals.  Their needs include a broad range of matters including family law, estate planning, probate, employment issues, transactional guidance, and litigation.

Who We Are

We are a boutique firm of experienced attorneys and staff who work collaboratively, sharing our experience, knowledge, and insight for the benefit of the client.  At the same time, we are wives, husbands, parents, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and active members of the community.  We use our life experience as well as our legal experience to provide quality legal service and counsel to our clients.

How We’re Different

Simply put, we offer “concierge” service to our clients.   Our competitive advantage lies within the quality of our attorneys and staff and our assurance that we will be accessible to our clients and provide the highest level of service.  We provide compassionate counsel across broad areas of law and throughout a client’s life cycle.  We represent the interests and needs of our clients in the most diligent and vigorous manner while maintaining dignity, integrity, and honesty.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Brousseau Naftis & Massingill, P.C. is to provide a positive contribution to the practice of law by providing our clients with high quality representation and fostering client representation through our commitment to excellence, respect, integrity and service.


   Brousseau Naftis & Massingill
4645 N. Central Expressway, Suite 300
Dallas, Texas TX 75205

   (214) 220-1220

    (214) 220-2770

   Mon-Fri 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Let’s Talk.

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