Could a Parenting Coordinator or Facilitator Be Right for Your Family?

Parenting coordinators are shielded from litigation so their role is solely to serve the family as the parents…

Elayna Naftis Erick Named to Best Lawyers in America

Elayna Naftis Erick has been selected to the 2022 Best Lawyers list for family law.

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Signer Beware: What to Think About Before Setting Up Joint Bank Accounts

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Brousseau Naftis & Massingill’s ‘New’ Attorney Helps Clients Keep Their Eyes on the Prize

A nearly 30-year attorney with a passion for service, Cynthia Dooley is the newest addition to our firm.

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How to Get Your Spouse out of the House

The first and easiest option is for you and your spouse to agree on one of you leaving, but there are other options.

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Do I Need an Attorney for This? | Buying a Home

When does a buyer need legal advice from an attorney when purchasing a home? We share some common scenarios.