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How to Get Your Spouse out of the House

The first option, and the easiest, is for you and your spouse to agree to physically separate. The others include…

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Do I Need an Attorney for This? | Buying a Home

When does a buyer need legal advice from an attorney when purchasing a home? We share some common scenarios.

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Brousseau Naftis & Massingill Supports Access to Legal Services via Dallas Bar Association Tournament

Brousseau Naftis & Massingill is pleased to continue our tradition of supporting the DBA's golf tournament.

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How Does Your Employee Handbook Need to Change Post-COVID?

Handbook updates are one of the best ways to provide guidance in an evolving workplace.

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What Options Does a Residential Landlord Have if a Tenant Can’t Pay?

We discuss the options a Texas landlord has when tenants don’t pay, and how eviction moratoriums are playing out.


The Importance of Powers of Attorney in the Age of COVID-19

While there are many estate planning documents to consider, Power of Attorney is one way to plan for the unexpected.